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Health Insurance Licensing Requirements

There are several steps to beginning your career as a health insurance agent.

  • Once you decide you are interested in becoming a health insurance agent, you must complete an insurance licensing training program. Online programs can help you prepare for an examination by providing sample tests and other materials and instruction.
  • Next, you must schedule and pass the insurance license exam, which requires a score of at least 85%. It’s not uncommon to fail to reach that standard the first time you take it, but don’t worry—you get more than one chance at it.
  • Once you’ve passed your exam, you will apply for your national producer number (NPN) and apply for State-specific licenses.
  • Then you must complete the annual Medicare + Fraud, Waste & Abuse training.
  • Next, you must purchase Errors and Omissions insurance so that you can begin the process of contracting with the insurance companies you would like to represent.
  • Finally, you will need to complete the carrier-specific annual certification courses. Each carrier has its own requirements, based on its particular products and business models. Diversity Insurance will help to educate you as needed so that you are prepared to complete their carrier specifications and sell their plans.

The insurance industry is heavily regulated—by state and national governments, by industry associations, and even by individual insurance carriers. Much is required of agents before they are ready and able to meet with clients, and Diversity Insurance Agency is right by your side, every step of the way, providing resources and individualized tutoring sessions to help you:

  • Pass your tests;
  • Learn required rules and regulations;
  • Receive certifications;
  • Contract with carriers; and
  • Attract and retain clients by matching them with the insurance products and policies that best meet their needs.

Medicare is a complex industry. Let Diversity Insurance Agency help you become an expert!