Health Insurance Agent Training

At Diversity Insurance Agency, we are committed to providing our agents with the most innovative training and support in the industry. Both new and experienced agents have benefited from our unique program, which goes beyond the traditional and the conceptual to emphasize a more practical, hands-on approach. Who better to learn from than our national sales trainers, who consistently earn top producer status with our carrier partners, and continue to perform at the highest levels?

We understand not everyone learns the same way. Which is why we take agents out in the field, and we learn by doing, together—which has proven much more effective than any classroom explanation. We also engage in regular educational updates regarding insurance industry rules and regulations, clarifying the intricacies of new plans carriers tend not to explain. We answer questions concerning how the benefits work—and we highlight features that will make it easier for agents to explain to their clients.

Our qualified lead program removes the guesswork from the agent’s workload. Yet we still offer step-by-step advice and guidance on working those Medicare insurance leads, getting involved in grassroots events, simultaneously servicing clients, and continuing to produce and fill their pipelines.

Most recently, during the pandemic, we quickly pivoted to conducting sales telephonically. We walked our agents through the calls—especially their first ones—which are required to be made on a recorded line. Diversity Insurance’s successful transition from the usual course of conduct to a pandemic-enforced business model has set an industry-wide example.