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What Does a Health Insurance Agent Do?

Once our health insurance agents are certified and trained, they are extremely well positioned to educate and advise Medicare beneficiaries on all of their health insurance options. However Medicare is highly regulated, with strict rules requiring prior permission before an agent can contact a beneficiary.

That permission can be obtained in various ways. Our lead program provides pre-qualified leads to our agents, who build and effectively manage—the key to becoming a successful agent—by contacting those leads and then following up as needed, by phone or in person.

Successful health insurance agents also gain leads by asking clients they’ve already helped how they might also help their friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates. They work the “rule of numbers”: The more people you contact, the more opportunities you have. Get out and hold events. Get in front of people. Successful agents don’t just sit back and wait for people to come to them. They go out and make it happen.

The Client Appointment

In a first scheduled appointment, the agent will review a client’s likes and dislikes of their current plan, doctors, and medications—allowing you to identify their needs and proposing or recommending a plan that will meet those needs.

Once a plan is chosen, the agent will assist the client through the process of enrolling in the plan, and will stay involved every step of the way—assisting with the application process, following through to make sure they’re enrolled, helping with any access to benefit issues, and answering questions about how the benefits work.

Agents ultimately provide both a sales and a service role, continuing to interact with current clients as they seek to schedule new appointments with potential clients in order to grow their business.

What insurance agents do